A Dog of One's Own, Southwest The Magazine, October 2017

Growing up without a pet reflected my experience as an immigrant in America.

Yes, You Can Buy Happiness, GOOD, March 2017

With products that target '90s nostalgia, I make a case for purchasing peace of mind.

Why Germany's Recognition of the Armenian Genocide is Such a Big Deal, PRI's The World, June 2016

An essay (and radio interview) on why German recognition of the Armenian Genocide, and more importantly the politician who championed it, is important. 

I Won a House - And Here's What Happened Next, Refinery29, May 2016

An essay on how I won a house in Detroit, immigration, identity and the "American Dream."

How I Learned to be Armenian Among Shelves of Pickled Shallots, Zocalo Public Square, April 2015

Generations of Armenians in Los Angeles have taken solace in markets that remind them of the homes they had to flee

The Allure of the Armenian Apricot, Mashallah News, July 2013

An essay on identity, nostalgia and the best apricots in the entire world.


Wheels of Fortune, Roads & Kingdoms, February 2013

A ride throughout Armenia and Georgia on Soviet-era marshutka minivans and what they ultimately taught me.


An Ode to the Ethnic Grocery Store, L.A. Times, June 2013

An essay on a lifetime love and hate relationship with ethnic grocery stores, all their strange smells, misspelled fruit labels and the take-no-prisoners grandmothers who poke the packaged, saran-wrapped meat to make sure it’s tender for their dolma or tamales.